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Hi... I'm Linda... And I would like to be your favorite real estate agent in Naples, Florida


Good Morning,

My guess is that over half of you are reading this sitting at home in your jammies, or leaning over a hot cup of coffee thinking "here comes another boring pitch from a sales person".  You're smart enough to realize that some people tell you what they think you want to hear, and probably don't mean a thing they say and very few actually listen.  In addition to all this you may have fears of getting involved with a pushy realtor (We've all seen them in the movies) who will drag you all over town trying to sell you "what they want to sell" rather than listening to what you want to say.

The truth is you did not click a button that says "About Linda" because you wanted a canned speech.  What you really wanted to do was interview me, before you speak to me, to find out if I am qualified, but I think it was a lot more than that.  You wanted to find someone who you would be comfortable with.  Someone who would "listen". Someone who would understand you needs, concerns and even fears (getting stuck with a realtor who never listens).  To better accommodate you I won't waste a lot of time on credentials (30 years in real estate speaks for itself) but will instead address your concerns.  In other words, what happens the first day, the second day, the last day and everything in between.

Knowing that people have fears, concerns, wants and desires regarding the purchase of a home, I've worked hard to learn the best way to make things as simple as possible.  What I've come up with may surprise you as much as it surprised me.  I found people have almost the same concerns in meeting with a realtor as they would going out on a blind date.  Such as "What if she's too pushy", "What if she won't listen", and of course "What do I do is she's pushing me into a champagne home and I only have a beer budget".  To me the solution to making you comfortable is as simple as treating this as if it was a first date.

Nothing is more intimidating that going to meet a stranger, at their office, where they have drawers full of forms, computers, graphs, or to put it more blunty... where they have all the power and you may (or may not) feel intimidated.  It would not feel comfortable to meet at someone's office on date, and I think it's even scarier when the purchase of a home is involved.  Instead I'd like to offer to meet you at a place of your choosing.  We could meet at a coffee shop, a restaurant, your home.  Some place where you feel comfortable and in control.

People always wonder "What should I bring to the first meeting?"  Some people wonder if they should bring bank statements, tax returns or even credit reports.  The truth is that you don't need to bring a thing.  At the first meeting we will simply sit and talk.  I'll ask a few basic questions about what you want in a new home then I'll let you do the talking.

I feel a first meeting with a client is like a first date in that the main objective is to see if you are compatible.  You want someone who will listen.  If I listen and demonstrate an honest concern for your needs you will call me again.  If I don't, then you'll call someone else.

Some people want a strictly business by the numbers relationship with their real estate broker. I can do that.  Other people want a friend to guide them through what can feel like an overwhelming process.  I can do that too.  But here's one that thing may surprise you;  I refuse to do business with grouchy people.  That's what it says on my key chain (Grouchy people need not apply). I mean it too.  I'll stay and talk with nice people all day, but when it comes to grouchy people my philosophy is "no second date".

Our first meeting is basically getting to know each other, giving you a chance to decide if I am the right person to assist you in the buying process. Once that is over, the next step is to go thru a list of homes (We can do this anywhere you feel comfortable) and then drive to them.  Again, I try to address people's concerns and instead of trying to grab control by dragging you by the hand I offer you the choice of your car or mine.  I do have to warn you that I have a sense of humor and that there is a button on my console that says, "Buy from me or get out of the car".  If you don't like friendly people with a sense of humor I may not be the right realtor for you.

One of the worst things I have ever seen someone in the real estate business do is hand a client a list of homes, a map of the city and say "call me".  If that's what you want, I'll be happy to do it for you. But, if you are from out of town, hate maps as much as most people, then I would be happy to drive you around to the homes that sound the most promising.

One thing I will never do is try to convince you to buy a home that you are not completely and totally in love with.  This is your home, not mine, and I believe that you should never settle for less than "the right home for you."  If this isn't the right home please feel free to say so.  There are plenty of homes to choose from, so lets take the time to find the one that's right for you.

Paperwork?  I think that often peoples greatest concern is being handed a large stack of paperwork and being told to "Fill this out". Some of these forms can be pretty scary and intimidating.  Others can be more confusing than walking thru the house of mirrors at the fair after the lights have been turned off and everyone has gone home for the day.  What we would all like to have at this point is someone to hold our hand, explain what the forms are, what they do and the easiest way to complete them.  I will be happy to assist you with any and all paperwork.

During the paperwork part of the purchase I want you to know that I clearly understand our roles.  You are the decision maker.  I'm just the paper pusher.  My job is to explain the forms, to be an instrument/tool that you can make use of to accomplish your dreams. 

After your home purchase you may still need help, especially if you are from out of town.  I will be happy to assist you in finding information on utilities, schools, and of course "the beaches". In fact, I have already included much of that information on this website.  But websites aren't the same thing as people, so if you need a friend to call and ask a silly question, even after the purchase, feel free to call me and I will be happy to give you a silly answer.

                                                    Thanking You In Advance,

                                                    Linda Kane


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