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Real Estate in Naples, Florida


Real Estate in Naples, Florida
If your dream is to own real estate in the Naples, Florida area Linda can help

Real Estate is not just a piece of property. 
It's a chance to make your dreams come true.

Hi!  My name is Linda Kane.  I believe that the purchase of a new home or business location can be one of the most important decisions in your life.  Making the right choice can bring you years of happiness.  Making the wrong choice can bring years of unhappiness.  That's why I don't believe in pushing clients into rush decisions.  Instead, I do my very best to show you the best options available, explain the details and find answers for all of your questions and then give you time to think through your decisions.

I also do one thing that may surprise you.  I listen.

Yes, real estate in the Naples - Fort Myers area is can shoot up in value one month and level off the next, and then the market here in Florida can explode again at the drop of a hat as it has many times over the last 20 years. If you buy "the right property" today it could double or even triple in value in just a few years.  But that takes knowledge of the local real estate market and what the trends are.  You and I both know it's important to find a realtor who can explain the "in's" and "outs" of the local market so that you get the best investment possible. Just as it's important to have a realtor who listens.  I do my best to be both.

In searching for your new home or just taking a vacation to the Naples area you may have questions about our local beaches, golf courses, fishing, historic sites, movie theaters, museums, parks, shopping, sports, theatre and zoos. If you are traveling to the Naples area you might have questions about hotels, restaurants, airports, airlines, rental cars, taxis, maps and directions and even the weather.  Some of you may have questions about schools,  local utilities, government offices, medical care, hospitals , doctors, pharmacies in the area. You may have additional questions about interest rates, lenders, payment calculators, appraisals, the buying process, the selling process or ways to save money on taxes using government programs such as 1031's.  Whether you are looking to purchase a home, find a new location for your business or want a special deal on something like the exotic condominiums show above No matter what questions you may have... I will gladly listen and do my very best to provide answers to all of them.

My name is Linda Kane and you have my word on it!

Click here to speak to Linda Kane about your new home in the Naples, Florida area
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